Captain of the Eagle of Lothern, Joyelle has served House Emeraldsea for centuries. It was she who brought the twins Teclis and Tyrion to Lothern back in XI 10, alongside Korhien Ironglaive, Lady Malene, and Karaya.[1a]

Joyelle is described as being both taller than Lady Malene, and sterner of face.[1a]

It would not be until a century later that Joyelle and her crew met the twins, this time in the Lustrian port of Skeggi. Her mission was to bring the two home, with House Emeraldsea hoping to legitimize Tyrion as the champion for the future Everqueen Alarielle - whose mother had been assassinated that same year.[2a]

Joyelle would prove happy to hear that Tyrion remembered her, but both she and her crew became awestruck upon seeing the prince had reclaimed the legendary Sunfang.[2a]


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