Josef Bazalgette

The ingenious Empire Engineer, Josef Bazalgette, a Man for whom the Disease-ridden cities of the Empire were a national disgrace, spent many years designing and building the sewers beneath Kislev, a system that is one of the greatest engineering marvels of the north, and effectively eliminated the scourge of cholera from the Kislevite capital. Mile upon mile of twisting tunnels beneath the Fauschlag of Middenheim - though these tunnels are formed of bricks and mortar rather than from the natural rock. Though the benefits of his work in the cold northern city were clear, the College of Engineers was unwilling to fund his work for a similar scheme in the Imperial Capital when there was so much work to be done in developing new and more devastating methods of war to stave off the never-ending tide of enemies of the Empire. Bazalgette spent the remainder of his time with the College of Engineers putting his considerable expertise into the science of siege warfare, helping to fortify many an Empire Noble's castle or bringing to ruin the fortresses of the Emperor's enemies.[1a]



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