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John Argentes was the last of a long line of Estalian heroes that wielded the legendary Sunfang. Though great was the power granted by this ancient blade, luck was not one of them, with Argentes becoming a landless, wandering sell-sword.[1a]

In search of glory and wealth, the Estalian would hire a ship captained by the Marienburger Leiber, sailing to the port town of Skeggi in Lustria.[1a]

The expedition into the jungles of Lustria proved disastrous. Though Argentes and Leiber had managed to locate the lost city of Zultec, the Estalian disappeared into the central ziggurat of the city, along with Sunfang.[1b]

It would not be until Leiber returned to Zultec, alongside the Asur twins Teclis and Tyrion, that the fate of Argentes would be discovered. Indeed, the well preserved corpse of the adventurer would be found in a hidden vault deep within the central ziggurat, alongside the bodies of other Humans and a treasure trove's worth of golden trinkets.[1b]

These cadavers would become vessels for the ghosts of Skinks that haunted the chamber, and Tyrion would find himself wrestling Sunfang from Argente's possessed remains.[1b]


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