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"Get your hands off me, brute! Let go of me, and I’ll tell you what I know. So, you seek Johann the Knife! Take my advice, friend, do not speak his name out loud. He does not like people talking about him in the street. What do you seek him for anyway? So, you’ve got a job for him! Well, why didn’t you say so before? I cannot say where you might find him, because I do not know myself. Who does? Anyway, no matter. When he hears word, he will find you soon enough! Ha! ha! It will cost you though, for he likes gold, does Johann. He knows this city – what’s left of it – like the back of his hand. If he can’t find someone, no-one can. He is like a shadow, he can go in and out of anywhere, unseen. He can also fight his way out of anywhere. No one can catch him.As quick as lightning with a knife, he is! No traces, all very neat and tidy. All I need from you is the gold, and the name. Johann will do the rest."

—Conversation overheard in Mordheim.

Johann the Knife.

Johann the Knife was an infamous Mercenary and Assassin during the events of Mordheim's destruction.


Of the many cutthroats and assassins for hire that infest the settlements around Mordheim, Johann the Knife is the most famous. He exhibits his vocation as hired knife-fighter and assassin extraordinaire by the various lethal-looking daggers hanging from his belt, and the mean glint of his eyes. Johann wears dark leather gear, slightly out of fashion, which has never been washed (or so the barmaids say). His long face bears the scars of many a fight, and his unkempt hair is lank and greasy.[1a]

Johann’s purse is always heavy with gold, and he takes no trouble to hide it, since only a fool would try to steal it from him. Many have tried, and all have died, very quickly. The craftsmanship and quality of Johann’s daggers is beyond compare, as he has taken them from the bodies of the many wealthy, but unskillful, opponents he has dispatched in vicious duels.[1a]


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