Jhared the Red was the first Ogre to tame wild beasts in the Mountains of Mourn, and is revered by Ogre Hunters as the first of their kind.[1a]


Jhared's story is told to all Ogre whelps. His father, Huhgr Loudgut, was disgusted to find his son was a runt; smaller than the others of his litter and covered from head to toe in red hair. In disgust, Huhgr hurled the whelp out into the snow.[1a]

The infant Jhared survived the first cruel hours of his exile, only to stumble across the den of a suckling female Sabretusk. Rather than being devoured, the hairy whelp was unwittingly welcomed into the beast's litter. When Jhared reached maturity, he threw his adoptive father off the edge of a crevasse, taking the place of dominant male in the pack. The silent red-haired killer and his pack of daemon cats soon became legend amongst the Ogres of the valleys.[1a]

Jhared eventually returned to his tribe, a score of sleek killing machines padding through the snow on either side of him in the darkness of a new moon. He and his pack slunk into the feast halls of his tribe, locating the slumbering Ogres by smell alone. After blocking the cave mouth with a boulder, Jhared and his Sabretusks clawed apart their panicking prey in the pitch darkness. Jhared himself sniffed out his father and put out his eyes, playing with him like a cat would a defenceless mouse before finally ripping out his throat and eating his corpse.[1a]

Jhared the Red was the first Ogre to tame cavebeasts, and to this day Ogre Hunters emulate their predecessor by taming Sabretusks and Rhinoxen, usually with clubs. His story teaches all Ogres to tolerate those different from themselves, even those with unfortunate hair.[1a]


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