Yves Jhared of Couronne was a Bretonnian Knight who served as Louen Leoncoeur's lieutenant during the End Times.


Jhared had fought alongside Leoncoeur on many previous engagements and was as trusted a companion as the King had ever had. He had the flaming red hair and ice-pale skin of a native of Albion, though no one had ever dared suggest such distant ancestry to his face.[1]

Jhared rallied to Leoncour's call when he declared a crusade into the heart of the Empire. When the Crusaders of Bretonnia arrived to find Altdorf besieged by the forces of Nurgle, it was Jhared who led the knights of Bretonnia in their glorious charge.[1]

One hundred and thirteen times had Jhared charged into battle on the back of his steed, Estrien. The thrill in his veins, in the muscles of his arms, in the gallop of his steed... it was bliss of a sort, even before impact. Behind him came a long column of knights, thundering towards the Norscans barring his path. Jhared shouted towards the Chaos Warriors, they could lock their shields, and see what good it did them. He caught a glimpse of Louen Leoncoeur flying overhead on his Hippgryph, an arrowhead of Pegasus knights carving the air behind him. Jhared briefly raised his blade in salute.[2]

Suddenly, a wedge of rust-armoured horsemen thundered towards the Bretonnian column. Jhared saw them as a worthy foe in size, if nothing else. He directed his steed towards the largest of the enemy Chaos Knights. The stallion dipped its horn-tipped helmet and brought it back up sharply so that its unicorn spike pierced the throat of the Norscan's Chaos Steed. Jhared leaned under the rider's counterthrust before taking off the knight's head, the falling corpse unhorsing another Norscan behind him in a clatter of plate.[2]

As Jhared began to laugh that a proper saddle might have been useful, he saw Leoncoeur fly over the Norscan shieldwall, his voice as clear as a clarion. The former king was heading to defend the inner reaches of Altdorf, the besieging Norscans were now Jhared's to fight.[2]

Jhared raised his sword high in acknowledgement, before Leoncoeur disappeared over the walls of Altdorf and into the storm. He was left feeling cold. He could not shake the notion that would be the last time he ever saw his liege...[2]


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