Jewellery is a perfect way to accentuate a person’s good looks, add important elements to a wardrobe, or present your loyalties or faith. Few people, however, can afford the expense of a gold ring, silver bracelet, or a torc made of silver, gold, and ivory. Furthermore, such outward displays of wealth are invitations to thieves to take notice. Hence, most commoners decorate themselves with natural things like garlands of flowers, beads, feathers, or even shells from nearby coastal waters.[1a]

  • Armband: Armbands are wide metal clasps that fit over the upper arm. Usually engraved with religious or military symbols, they are prevalent in the south but not in the north, even during the summer months. The exception is in the case of the Norscans, who regard armbands as symbols of wealth and station, gifts awarded by their lords.[1a]
  • Bracelet: A bracelet or anklet is a piece of jewellery worn on the wrist or ankle. They can be solid metal or supple chains studded with gemstones. Bracelets are popular among the Tilean ladies. Anklets are prevalent in Estalia territory once held by Araby, as the style originated from Araby courtesans.[1a]
  • Brooch or Pendant or Locket: These small talismans often serve to mark a person’s station to which they are loyal, as in the case of the Bretonnian soldiers who wear small shields about the size of a hand that depict religious symbols or their lord’s coat of arms. In some cases, they are merely decorative. Some of these are small lockets containing a miniature of a loved one or a famed saint.[1b]
  • Earrings and Nose Rings: A common enough sight in the Empire for both men and women, earrings and nose rings are usually self administered—sometimes to mark a special occasion, rite of passage or event, or sometimes just for whim or fashion. Ear and nose rings can vary wildly in quality, from simple wire and beads, to the finest jewellery money can buy.[1b]
  • Necklace: A necklace is a slender chain of precious metal, usually gold or silver. Also in this category is the choker, which is a silk band with a gemstone setting that fits snugly over the neck.[1b]
  • Rings: A ring is a band of metal, usually bronze, silver, or gold. Some rings have gemstone settings, while others have family crests or seals. Many rings are engraved with twisted vines, phrases, or prayers.[1b]
  • Torc: A torc is an ornamental metal collar worn to signify station and rank. Once quite common, only the Norscan chieftains wear them now. Torcs are often beautifully crafted, blending ivory, silver, and gold.[1b]


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