Jean-Luc Brandywyne d'Artois, is a Questing Knight of Bretonnia.


On the edge of the dark forest of Arden rises a proud fortress of stone and alabaster, the ancestral home of Brandywyne. Lush vineyards stretch from beneath the shadows of the spires, and many a hunting band ride through the woodlands seeking game.[1]

Jean-Luc Brandywyne, heir to the Lord of Brandywyne, was one such hunter who revelled in the sport of the hunt. One misty morning found the young heir astride his warhorse, Sauvignon, and accompanied by his faithful hound, Merlot. A terrible cry emanated from deep within the forest, and at the scene of the commotion he found his father, Lord Brandywyne, sprawled across the ground clutching a grievous wound in his side. Lord Brandywyne had been ambushed while out on his morning hunt by a treacherous and craven knight wearing only black and striking without warning.[1]

There had been many in the land of Artois who envied the Brandywyne's rolling fields of fruitful vineyards, for he who produced the best wines for the Duke of Artois' table won the best price for his labours. In 150 years of the ruling Duke's ancestry, the Brandywynes has always been favoured above all others. Jealous vintners of the region would certainly have motive to usurp the Brandywyne dynasty, though which one for certain, young Jean-Luc could not guess. The only way to find the culprit behind this travesty would be to seek out the Lady of the Lake and sip from the Grail. The mystical powers of the Grail would clear the mists of intrigue and reveal the identity of the assailant's master, and the new young Lord of Brandywyne could exact justice for the death of his father.[1]


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