The Dragonslayer.[2]

Jasperre le Beau, also known as the Dragonslayer and Jasperre the Fair, is the foremost slayer of Dragons in the realm of Bretonnia.


Hailing from the great Dukedom of Bastonne, Jasperre has risen to become one of the most famous heroes in Bretonnian history. It was he who slew the great Dragon Malgrimace and rescued Isabeau, the King's daughter, from its very jaws. This was just one of the monsters slain by Jasperre in his never-ending Quest for the Grail. Indeed, he is renowned for slaying not only Dragons, but other great beasts such as Hydras, Griffons and Hippogryphs.[1a][2]

Jasperre rides a noble Pegasus into battle, which is a wise choice of mount for one who seeks to slay Dragons and rescue damsels from high towers.[1a]


Jasperre bears the Heraldry of a red, fire-breathing Dragon imposed upon a field of white and gold. The Dragon is the traditional symbol of Bastonne, the Dukedom from which Jasperre hails.[3]


  • Helm of the Dragon Slayer - Jasperre's helm is blackened with the fire of his many encounters, yet it carries the good wishes of the Lady herself, and will continue to protect him from the fire of Dragons for so long as he keeps to his chivalrous vows.[1a]
  • Claw of Malgrimace - Jasperre wears around his neck the talon of Malgrimace, the ferocious Dragon from whose clutches he rescued the King of Bretonnia's daughter. The claw has the power to protect Jasperre against lesser beasts - for Malgrimace was the greatest Dragon of his time, and his power lingers on after his death. It has been scrimshawed by the artisan Ellabeau and further enchanted by Damsels of the Lady. Its bearer can stride through a roaring inferno as if it were a pleasant summer breeze.[1a][3]
  • The Virtuous Lance - When Jasperre set out on his grail quest, he took the Virtuous Lance from the Grail Chapel of Sancerre, fancying that its long steel shaft and keen tip would make an ideal weapon against Dragons. He was well guided by the Lady in his choice, for the weapon has never failed him and many are the Dragons who have felt its sharp point piercing their scales. The lance is festooned with ladies' favours tied on by grateful damsels rescued by the dashing Jasperre.[1a]


  • Jasperre's heraldry bears a striking resemblance to that of Louen Orc-Slayer's, a famed King from Bretonnia's past.



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