The Jarl is a great warrior loyal to the tribe’s King. In exchange for his devoted service, the King grants the Jarl hunting grounds, warriors, treasure, and thralls. The Jarl is the absolute lord of his lands but is expected to be subservient to his master, and when the winds of war blow, the Jarl is expected to come to the aid of his King, and lend his warriors for the cause. Should the King or Queen die without an heir, the Jarls fight a bloody contest to take the throne.[1a]

Whilst it’s expected that Jarls be utterly loyal to their monarch, it’s not unheard of for a Jarl to slay his master and usurp his position. Such a coup is always dangerous since it invites reprisals and further treachery. But in times of weak leaders, it is expected for a Jarl to step up and seize power.[1a]


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