A Stirlander who is fiercely proud of his heritage, Foundry Master Janos Kazinsky makes welcome anyone he meets that hails from his homeland.

Janos has closely-cropped jet-black hair, a high forehead, and a neatly-trimmed goatee and moustache, the latter of which is often waxed into handlebars for social occasions. He has piercing, ice-blue eyes and a hard, firm jawline. Janos is cool-headed and calm, even under the most dire of conditions. He is friendly and outgoing, quick with a joke, and understanding of students’ mistakes, but he can turn deadly serious when the need arises.

In his youth, he was a Duellist of some note and bears a long, straight scar on his left cheek as a visible souvenir. He is tall and long-limbed and keeps himself in excellent physical condition.

Kazinsky is a member of the Mechanic's Guil and he now works as a Foundry Master at the Imperial Gunnery School of Nuln, overseeing the casting and production of all the Schools weapons and keeping everything on schedule and up to specifications. [1a]


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