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Jahama was one of the greatest Khainite Assassins, notable for infiltrating the Castille of the Bretonnian Duke d'Argent, before sending the Grail Knight to destroy Karond Kar's scheming military.


The manner in which Jahama was made a full Assassin is not known to many outside the Cult of Khaine, but is nonetheless an interesting tale.[1]

During the year in which Jahama reached his final training, the winter was bitter and the stars were in a vile alignment, and Hellebron was in an ill humour. Decreeing a special test for all hopeful Assassins, she stationed her own Master Assassin Hakoer beside her. Jahama was barely six-score years and scrawny with youth. No one else would be his patron, but the Witch Elf known as Miharan had found a quality in the boy.[1]

The test was simple. Hellebron locked her palace. Her best artisans set their traps in every room, her own Assassins and her guards hunted through her tower with orders to strike down any elf they did not know as one of their own. And to Hakoer she handed her own blade, the Deathsword, to use on any that approached them. All the young hopefuls had to do, was make their way to Hellebron's audience chamber, and pluck from Hakoer's neck his silver collar with its single ruby. Then Hellebron would declare it a gift to them and the cult would have their newly anointed Assassin.

Hellebron had laughed as she told the cult that she would see the hearts of their pupils on Khaine's altar by the next sunrise, and that if any got close enough even to set eyes on Hakoer's silver collar, she would reward his trainer richly...[1]


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