"It is true, I am in the midst of danger every minute of the day on that island. It is only with the knowledge that I shield such delicate flowers as yourself, signorina, from the dangers of such fearful criminals that I can bear the strain."
Jacopo d'Arezzo, Captain of the Red Talons[1a]
Jacopo D'Arezzo

Jacopo d'Arezzo

Captain d'Arezzo is the epitome of a dashing, heroic officer - immaculately groomed, tall, with romantic brown eyes, a ramrod-straight back and the elegant movements of a panther. He is usually fashionably dressed, but not ostentatiously.[1a]

He is a consummate professional and a man of action. While he may seem to be an incorrigible ladies' man, and obsessed with little else, he truly cares about his troops.[1a]

First and foremost are the well-being of his brigade and the honourable fulfillment of his contract. While this includes the security of the fortress, he will not sacrifice any members of the Red Talons unnecessarily. In his free moments, he is also devoted to bringing joy into the lives of as many of the lovely young ladies of Marienburg as possible.[1a]


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