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"With each new Incursion comes some new unimaginable horror, some impossible beast warped by the energies of Chaos. Many of these creatures are unclassifiable, uniquely disturbing entities so overwhelmed with corruption that their very natures bar them from reproducing. However, a few breed and do spawn a new race of horrors. One such race is the Jabberwock. Although it can reproduce, few members of its kind have any shared characteristics, being subject to an appalling number of mutations."
Reinholt Schent, Scholar of the Fantastic[1a]

Jabberwock Tony Ackland.jpg

The legendary Jabberwock, captured in folk tale and song, is a terrible creature of the forests.[1a]


Lacking much in the way of intelligence, it is bold and aggressive, attacking nearly anything it encounters. Though varied in appearance, there are some common features that set these creatures apart from other Old World horrors. Jabberwocks are generally twelve-foot tall or more. Perched on its long, scrawny neck is a hideous head with a great slobbering maw and wattles on its cheeks.[1a] Many Jabberwocks have wings, though none fly — or, at least, none discovered have been able to fly. Instead, they flap their wings when excited, creating a disconcerting noise. Jabberwocks can be of any colour, and many are faintly luminous.[1a][3a] Although they have both arms and legs they often use their arms to walk or run along the ground. They can also regenerate wounds in the same way as trolls, and their bite is venomous.[3a]

As creatures of Chaos, Jabberwocks run the gamut in appearance and characteristics. For most Old Worlders, the Jabberwock is something of a bogeyman, a tale told to frighten children into doing their chores. These creatures also serve as effigies to burn when something goes wrong. For example, when the wind blows down a line of laundry, it’s clearly the work of the Jabberwock. On occasion, the superstitions of the commoners are correct, and one of these creatures really does threaten their homes. In these times, they often turn to outsiders for help. So, sometimes, a bold hero ventures into the wood to dispatch the foul beast with an exceptionally sharp sword.[1a]

The Jabberwock is also known to inhabit the Annulii Mountains of Ulthuan.[2a]


  • The Jabberwock is based on the creature from the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll.


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