Warhammer Saphery

A Swordmaster of Hoeth, Izaraa was a familiar face to Teclis when she arrived in XI 110 at his family's townhouse in Lothern. It was she who delivered the summons for the mage to a conclave at the White Tower, by order of the High Loremaster Morelian. When asked what could cause him to summon all mages back to the Tower, all Izaraa knew was it had something to do with the Chaos Moon. Many dark portents had been observed, leading to suspicion that the realm of Ulthuan was threatened.[1a]

Teclis admitted to suffering a series of nightmares regarding said-moon, Izaraa telling him that he was not the only one. Indeed, though no such omens had plagued him in Lustria, he began having the dreams every night after returning to Lothern.[1a]

The prince would join his brother Tyrion in sailing for Saphery (Tyrion sailing for Avelorn to participate in the tournament for the Everqueen's champion). Izaraa, meanwhile, would continue travelling to summon others back to Tower.[1a]


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