Itzi-Bitzi was one of the cleverest commanders of the Skinks ever to serve the Mage-Priests of Lustria. With determination and skill he exploited the natural stealth and skirmishing skills of his Skink cohorts to seal the doom of many raiding expeditions, intent on the pillage of sacred relics. The annals of the Old World, Araby, Cathay, the High Elves and the Dark Elves and the Norse Sagas are full of adventurers who set out for Lustria never to return. Itzi-Bitzi knows where their bones lie, picked clean by the geckos of the swamps, the red ants and the carrion beetles.[1a]

The Incantation of Xetlipocutzl

The Incantation of Xetlipocutzl is, according to legend, the last recorded thoughts of Mage Lord Zltep of Tlaxtlan before he finally spoke no more and was duly mummified to join his predecessors in the great vaults of the pyramid temple of that city. Itzi-Bitzi was the only one of his servants to hear words of the incantation and realising their awesome power, kept them secret. The words are merely the first part of a prophecy of utter dread for all enemies of the Lizardmen. Lord Zltep never completed the prophecy, but the first words were enough to instil indescribable despair into the enemy, even though they cannot understand them.[1a]

In order to keep the incantation secret, Itzi-Bitzi has vowed before the great altar stone of Sotek never to utter the incantation more than once in battle. He therefore chooses his moment well and then utters the words as loudly as he can, directing them in all their spite at the foe.[1a]

Magic Items

  • The Piranha Blade: The Piranha Blade is shaped in the form of a vicious, ravenous carnivorous piranha fish. The teeth of this fish are set along the edges of the blade, and the hilt is decorated with inlaid fish eyes. The weapon mimics the actions of the piranha fish and bites into the flesh of the victim devouring it.[1a]


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