Issyk Kul is a Chaos Sorcerer of Shornaal of at least three hundred years, serving as a well-known torturer within the city of Naggarond under the auspices of the Witch King himself. Though he has forsaken all bonds with his species, the Human appears youthful, broad and muscular, made iron-hard by his time in the Old World and a life of war and excess. Leather coils hold a patchwork of contoured plates tightly against his tanned flesh, armour glistening and undulating like raw pink meat and his skin gleaming with scented oils. Lustrous golden hair tops a libertine, full-featured and handsome face to the point of beauty, only to end with cruel wide eyes that know only wicked indulgence and the obsession of a wanton fetishist. He wields a glorious and elaborate sword of sweeping curves and cruel spikes, whose quillions of bone prickle at the hand whilst a razor worked into the handle scores the palm, even as Kul spins the blade into a rippling sheath across his back.[1a]

Issyk sees the Elves as far superior subjects to the poor specimens of the Northern Wastes. To those used to a life of misery and hardship, torture means little, but to the effete souls raised in a land of plenty, and have never known the brutality of life beyond their pampered existence, it is a nightmare that enhances Kul's pleasures tenfold.[1c]


  • Issyk Kul stands almost a foot taller than Kouran Darkhand.[1a]
  • His name is likely a play on the word 'icicle'.
  • Though never confirmed, Issyk might hail from the Kul tribe of the Kurgans, just as Asavar Kul was named.
  • Kul has sharpened teeth.[1c]
  • Kul owns a towering steed of red flesh and heaving flanks that glistens with blood and exposed musculature. A saddle of literal silver has been sewn onto its back, and the creature's sapphire eyes blaze with ecstasy when its bodily viscera is exposed to saltwater.[1b]
  • For all his wickedness, Issyk Kul believes no warrior should die without a blade in their hand. In this regard, it is the only thing that both he and the worshippers of Khorne agree on.[2a]
  • In the Frostback Mountains, Issyk Kul slew a mighty beast within its Dragon Caves, gaining the favour of Shornaal as he dragged its monstrous skull down onto a spike of solid ice.[2b]


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