The Island of Flame is a small, volcanic area found within the Inner Sea of Ulthuan. Palm trees cover some of its slopes, while caves and terraces dot its sides. On the highest point of the island stands the Shrine of Asuryan, so immense that it is visible even from the harbour.[1a]

Statues of past Phoenix Kings line the entrance to said-small harbour, whilst images of the gods looking down from the cliffs overhead. A long path on the side of the island runs up towards the Shrine, passing through vineyards and flower gardens.[1a]

Birds sing while butterflies as big as any songbird flutter among the hedgerows. Yet even an Elf insensitive to most forms of magic can tell that this is a mystical place. Power charges the atmosphere, its presence akin to feeling a fine cool mist across one's skin on a winter morning.[1a]

It was here that Aenarion the Defender first passed into the Flame of Asuryan, and became the first Phoenix King. This was the place where, ever since, every Phoenix King from Bel Shanaar to Finubar had made their own ascension to the Throne. It was here that Malekith had made his doomed attempt to wrest the power of the gods from its rightful wielder.[1a]

It could be said that Elven history began on this island. Before Aenarion had shaped them into a warrior people, the Elves had been peaceful farmers and herders. They had lived in harmony with their land in the eternal springtime of their devotion to the Everqueen.[1a]

After Aenarion passed through the Flame, everything was different, for it was he who taught the elves how to make war, to follow kings, to fight and to conquer. They had become a different people after that day. Aenarion had remade the elves in his own image, into what they needed to become in order to survive. Peaceful farmers could no longer survive in a world from which the old gods had fled and through which the evil powers of Chaos marched. Aenarion had made them into something that could.[1a]


  • It takes three days and nights to reach the Island of Flame from Lothern by ship. It is unclear if this is only the case for vessels with or without magical aid.[1a]


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