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Quel-Isha -- Eltharin rune depicting Isha as a tree with tears falling from its branches.

High Elf Symbol of Isha.

Isha is the Goddess of Fertility, Nature, Harvest, Bountiful Land, protector of the natural order and mother of the Elven race. She is worshipped by the Wood Elves of the Old World as one of their dominant deities, although other Elves pray to her to aid farming, for protection during childbirth, or for help when abroad in the wild.


As the goddess of nature, Isha taught the Elves how to care for the land and gain a plentiful harvest. She is depicted as an Elf woman full of life and beauty, and is considered to be the mother of the whole Elven race. It is Isha who blesses the Everqueen with wisdom, beauty and power, and she also who preserves the eternal glades of Avelorn from the blemish of winter.

The symbol of Isha is the All Seeing Eye, shedding tears for her mortal children, the Elves. At the dawn of time, Asuryan decided that while the Elves would be prodigiously long-lived, they would still grow weary of the world and die. Isha, who loved her children above all her creations, despaired and cried in anguish, her tears falling like rain onto the mortal world below, providing the waters of life that transformed Ulthuan into such a rich and bountiful land.

Thereafter, Isha has watched the mortal children keenly, ever alert to ways in which she might aid them. Whilst direct contact has long been forbidden by Asuryan, Isha sometimes pleads with her daughter Lileath to send tidings through dreams and nightmares, so that the Elves might not confront the perils of the world without some measure of warning and guidance. Only when the Creator's attention is elsewhere does Isha dare intervene personally, spreading her magics across Ulthuan to shrivel the Daemons and evildoers that threaten her children.


  • A common phrase on Ulthuan to say is "Blessings of Isha upon you," to which others might respond "May you live a thousand years."[3a]
  • The Tileans use a different name for Rhya, they call her "Ishea", similar to the elven god, probably due to their translations of the ancient scrolls left by the High Elves in their colonies in the modern land of Tilea.

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