Damisela contra orcos bretonia

The Prophetess Iselda.[1]

Lady Iselda of Aquitaine was a mystical Bretonnian Prophetess, who served as the Keeper of the Tower of Wizardry in Aquitaine.


As the only child of the Baron Artrange, Iselda was sent to Altdorf as a child to study magic. When she returned, she decided not to marry but to devote her life to the Lady of the Lake and assisting the inhabitants of Aquitaine. She was considered the most powerful mage in the dukedom, and ranked as one of the advisors of Duke Gilon in his council.[1a]

Iselda was also the Keeper of the Tower of Wizardry, a holy place dedicated to the Lady, that stood near a Sacred Lake on the edge of Aquitaine. The Keeper of the tower was always a Grail Damsel of considerable power, well versed in the ways of magic. As such, Questing Knights often came to seek her aid in their search for the holy Grail.[1]

When the Red Duke returned after centuries of imprisonment, Iselda fought beside Duke Gilon and his son, Sir Richemont to defeat the mighty Vampire Lord. Alas she was killed by the fell Duke, but not before revealing that his life had been a lie, sending him fleeing from the ancient tomb of the Grail KnightGaland... his son.[2]


  • Amber Amulet: This talisman of protection is charged with the power of the Lady of the Lake.[1a]
  • Dispel Magic Scroll: This scroll contains a powerful anti-magic formula. It may be used to dispel an enemy spell as it is being cast.[1a]


  • The original Warhammer: Circle of Blood supplement had Iselda die at the Tower of Wizardry. This was later retconned in the novel, having her escape only to later fall at Ceren Field within Galand's Tomb.


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