The Kurgan Iron Wolves tribe has existed since time before memory, its shamans drawn to the Worlds Edge Mountains where they would erect columns of bleached bone impaled with copper poles fully as tall as the tribe's greatest warriors. Ripples of blue flame dance along the length of these monuments, flickering within the empty eye-sockets of every skull, thus imparting them with a malicious anime. Hundreds of such tribute poles ring the peak of the mountain they center on, where legend tells an "Old One" sleeps beneath the world.[1a]

It was the tribe's duty to remember the ancient one. The High Zars of the tribe have laid a thousands times a thousand skulls from a hundred lifetimes of war at their shamans' feet, and, as centuries passed, each generation added more skulls on their copper poles to the mountain. In preparation for his attack of Kislev, High Zar Aelfric Cyenwulf had bade his shaman raise countless skulls in honour of the Dark Gods. And so it was that one fateful night, Kar Odacen awoke from prophetic slumber to watch the highest peak of the mountaintop disappear in a cloud of rubble as a sheet of incandescent lightning split the heavens. And from the caldera rose a column of lightning-hearted smoke, gathering itself despite the lack of wind, its sapphire innards crackling with horrific urgency before taking its leave for the lands below.[1a]

Known Members


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