"Trust me. You won’t last a week out here."
Ioriona Tesmethal[1a]

Ioriona Tesmethal was born to a small clan of Elves living in the Great Forest south of the Färlic Hills. Never a social child, she preferred the company of animals and spent a great deal of time with them in the woods. Eventually, her clan leaders appointed her a hunter, but, after a while, she grew bored with this and yearned to see more of the world. At Lieske one day, she offered her services as a scout to a merchant caravan. She loved the work, as it let her see new things without having to interact much with people. The silence of the woods was a comfort to her.[1a]

One day, deep in the Färlics, the caravan Ioriona was scouting for was attacked by a howling band of Mutants. Rushing to help, she picked them off one-by-one with her bow. What she saw horrified her: men who were mixed with animals, mad things with upside down faces or mouths in their guts. She vowed then she would do all she could to protect her people and travellers within the forest from the menace of Chaos. Returning to her clan, she studied with a master and became a ghost strider.[1a]

Ioriona now walks the length of Talabecland, forever hunting the minions of Chaos, often killing them with a single shot from her bow. She prefers her own company to that of any other, Elf or Human, though she will help those lost in the woods or in danger. She speaks little and, when she does, she is blunt and to the point. She has little tolerance or time for incompetents wandering in places they do not belong.[1a]


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