Inxi-Huinzi is one of the most cunning and persistent of the Skink leaders who made assaults on the upstart colony founded by the Norse.


No-one would have bothered the Norse of Skeggi had it not been for their greed for gold. The colony became a haven for plunderers, eager to get their hands on the sacred relics of the Slann. Inxi-Huinzi was appointed to lead the cohorts of Skinks issuing forth from Hexoatl to do battle with the invaders and drive them back to the sea.[1a]

Despite brave and relentless efforts, the Norse are still there, but their expansion has been halted and their raids curtailed. This is due to Inxi-Huinzi and his Cold One riders, who prowled the rain forest and dominated the tracts of pampas and sisel grass. Often Inxi-Huinzi led attacks along the broad beaches, catching the enemy unaware. As the Cold One riders savagely charged the enemy and forced them into the shield wall, other Skinks on foot were able to make their way through the mangroves to hole up the longships. This prevented the raiders from sailing up and down the coast pillaging the sealed vaults of the scattered ruined temples.[1a]

Inxi-Huinzi carries dozens of poisoned darts behind his shield and spare ones in his quiver. These darts are barbed and tipped with an extremely potent venom secreted by the toxic fish-lizards of the Lustrian swamps. Inxi-Huinzi has perfected a technique for hurling several darts as he charges or as the enemy charges him and before levelling his spear to fight hand-to-hand.[1a]

Horned One

Inxi-Huinzi is one of the few Skinks ever to capture and succeed in riding a Horned One which he rode at the head of the Cold One riders of Hexoatl against the Norse at the battle of the Piranha Swamps. Here, the only way forward was via a causeway and all Skinks who attempted to cross the swamps on either side were eaten by millions of ravenous Piranha fish. Inxi-Huinzi's Horned One, named Xltzhpctli (which roughly translates as 'Bite-gore-lash-with-the-tail-beast') charged along the causeway and gored the huge Norse hero who was holding the causeway, allowing the Lizardman army to catch up with the raiders and recapture the precious idols of Zlaxhutec.[1b]


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