"I regret to inform you that your husband is buried in Frau Kohl's vegetable garden, beneath the turnips. That will be 6 shillings and 4 pence, please."
Hemlock Surelight, Elven Sleuth[1a]


Investigators are individuals who are hired to pursue mysteries. Most cases involve theft, disappearances, or murder. Some investigators earn money by researching stories for newssheets or blackmailing criminals. Investigators are often employed by the watch or by a Merchant House. Detectives working for a religious cult, most often that of Sigmar or Verena, are expected to follow much stricter ethical codes than secular sleuths. Some investigators are self-employed. The most successful of these must possess considerable skill at both detection and self-promotion.[1a]

It takes significant skill to be an investigator. Most sleuths master the arts of footprint tracking, cross-examination, deductive reasoning, and breaking and entering, to name a few. Many master investigators claim to possess skills of observation that cannot be learned. Other investigators cultivate sophisticated, logical manners to appear more credible.[1a]

Some cases become too large or dangerous for an investigator to handle on their own. In these cases, ad hoc adventuring parties are often created.[1a]


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