Interrogators know how to make people talk. They use both psychological and physical methods to extract information from their charges and neither is very pleasant. Interrogators work for Witch Hunters and Nobles and sometimes for the more zealous churches. They pride themselves on their efficiency, though many achieve it with excessive brutality. The best Interrogators know that discovering the truth is an art form. People lie and obfuscate and will say nearly anything to make the pain stop. Getting a confession is easy; getting to the truth is altogether more difficult.[1a]

To the Pain

Interrogators normally work in a controlled environment, with their subjects suitably restrained and a wide assortment of sharp implements at their disposal – however, their quarry is not always so accommodating.[2a]

An interrogator's knowledge of human anatomy and precisely applied pressure to nerve points can be extremely useful in dangerous situations. Many foolhardy combatants have underestimated the skill and precision of an interrogator. Whether armed with a sharp scalpel, fiery hot pincers or even a simple iron prod, in the hands of a skilled interrogator, such items can be as fearsome or deadly as a longsword in the hands of a battle-hardened knight.[2a]

A sturdy breastplate or heavy coat of chain may stop most of the blows – but there are always gaps in the armour, exposing sensitive areas of the body to the interrogator's tools. With the right amount of force applied to just the right area, a single blow can fell even the strongest warrior.[2a]


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