Infernal Guard Sepia Tamurkhan Illustration

The Infernal Ironsworn are the elite Chaos Dwarf Warriors of the Infernal Guard that serve as bodyguards for the Sorcerer-Prophets of the Legion of Azgorh.[1a]


The Infernal Guard are drilled ceaselessly by their cruel Castellans, and barracked in the burning deeps beneath the Black Fortress. Their lot is to fight an unceasing battle against the horrors that abound in the desolate wastes nearby - a regimen that only the strongest survive. The greatest amongst this warrior elite will be selected to join the Infernal Ironsworn - the personal bodyguard of the covenant of Sorcerer-Prophets that make up the ruling echelon of the Legion of Azgorh.[1a]

Clad in blackshard armour forged not just from iron and fire but also from blood, souls and the very stuff of Chaos,[2] the Infernal Ironsworn go into battle with the fire and suffering of their dark realm forged into the very fabric of their blades and hammers, graven in smouldering runes of torment and death.[1a]


Regiments of Infernal Ironsworn are formed by at least ten Chaos Dwarfs that can be led by a Deathmask and/or a musician and/or a standard bearer, which can carry a magic standard. They are all armed with blackshard armours, shields and ensorcelled hand weapons.[1b]


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