Warhammer Infernal Guard

A hell-forged warrior of the Infernal Guard.

The Infernal Guard as it is known, is amongst the most legendary warrior-cult within the Chaos Dwarf Empire, having the sworn task of defending the citadel to the death from any that would assail it, and to carry out the will of the Lord of the Black Fortress without question.


The Infernal Guard's ranks are made up from Chaos Dwarfs to whom some stain of dishonour or failure has been attached, an occurrence which in their unforgiving society can result from merely being close kin to a failed battle commander, knowing defeat under the eyes of a Sorcerer-Prophet, presiding over slaves who have revolted or a furnace that has exploded through overuse.[1a]

The humiliation of such dishonour is more than the prideful Chaos Dwarfs can bear, and for them the Infernal Guard offers the solace of death in Hashut's grace and also anonymity, as upon taking its oath their names and past kinships are shorn away and their faces are seared and shut underneath red-hot iron and bronze masks. Only if they achieve great glory are the masks torn off, exposing the scarred and ravaged flesh of the redeemed warrior once again to the world. The Infernal Guard are drilled ceaselessly by their cruel Castellans, and barracked in the burning deeps beneath the Black Fortress. Their lot is to fight an unceasing battle against the horrors that abound in the desolate wastes nearby - a regimen that only the strongest survive. Some of these warriors can also be equipped with the fearsome Fireglaive, weapon both cunning and brutal.[1a]


  • Infernal Guards with axe and shield (Forge World).
  • Infernal Guards with fireglaives (Forge World).
  • Infernal Guard musician, Deathmask and standard bearer (Forge World).


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