"Having seen the destructive capabilities of dragons I find it eminently suitable that the embodiment of the wind of Shyish takes the form of such a beast."
—Lokar Garrent, Wizard of the Amethyst Order[1a]
Incarnate Elemental of Death Forge World illustration

Incarnate Elemental of Death

The Incarnate Elemental of Death is a Elemental Spirit born from wind of Shyish. When the storms of magic gather there are some wizards who would dare to summon the purest and most destructive essence of one of the mighty Winds of Magic and bind it to the shape of spirit-creatures forged of tempestuous force. Of these terrible beings few are as feared as the quintessence of the Amethyst Wind of Magic, Shyish - the dread Incarnate Elemental of Death.[1a] Those who call forth an Incarnate Elemental of Death risk bringing about their own untimely demise, for to summon such a fearsome creature is to invite death itself unto themselves. Eerily silent save for the whisperings of the grave that follow in its wake, the Incarnate Elemental of Death is a nightmarish apparition, two dragon-like heads with but a single twisting serpentine body, bound to the mortal realm by the power held within a rare Shyish horologe.[1a]  

This hourglass, legend has it containing the dust of a king's bones, serves as a powerful arcane focus and only this is able to contain the straining power of such an unnatural entity. It is said that anyone that glances into the hellish eyes of the Incarnate Elemental of Death will see their own destruction, but if they have strayed that close then they are undoubtedly doomed already. Rearing up impossibly on its twisting, sinuous body, the Incarnate Elemental will strike at them with a speed few can escape, either crushing its foes beneath the coils of its twisting bodies or tearing them apart with its two sets of monstrous jaws.[1a]


The malodorous vapours expelled by the Incarnate Elemental of Death reek of the grave and visit horrific injuries on those caught within them, withering flesh and stealing the breath of its victims.[1a]

Also, imbued with the amethyst incandescence of death, the Incarnate Element may use the energies trapped within the Hourglass of Shyish, the artefact that binds it to this realm, to wreck havoc, unleashing a storm of deathly power at the expense of its own existence by shattering the hourglass.[1a]


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