Warhammer Imrik

Crown Prince Imrik of House Caledor

Prince Imrik is the current ruler of the Kingdom of Caledor and one of the last of the line of Phoenix King Caledor the Conqueror. Prince Imrik carries the name of Imrik as do all descendants of that ancient ruler of the Elven race. It is he who is one of the few who can wake the dragons in times of need, and then only a few. Gone are the days when his followers rode into battle atop mighty fire drakes. Now it is Imrik alone who fights in the traditional manner of his glorious noble house.[1a]

Caledor is now a silent realm. No longer do the skies ring with the cries of dragons and the roar of their fiery breath. No longer do the caves rumble with their sounds nor the earth shake beneath their heavy tread. Instead, there is nothing but the hollow echo of the Elves' footsteps in the ancient halls. In defence of his homeland, and indeed of all Ulthuan, Imrik is a stalwart bastion of strength. Together with Tyrion and Teclis, descendants of the great house of Aenarion, he stands as an unbreakable wall between the many foes of the High Elves and the mystical isle of Ulthuan.[1a]

Imrik also took part in the famous Siege of Couronne, fighting alongside the Bretonnian King, Charlen. He never forgave the Grail Knight for stealing a good many of his kills on the battlefield.[3]

Magic Items

  • Star Lance - The tip of this weapon is forged from the heart of a fallen star. With a blade of such keenness no armour can protect Imrik's foes.[1a]
  • Armour of Caledor - For well over four thousand years the masters of the house of Caledor have worn this armour in battle.[1a]
  • Dragonhorn - This war horn is made from the horn of an ancient dragon, gifted to Imrik's distant ancestors in elder days. The dying fire drake summoned all his remaining power to enchant his remaining unbroken horn as he lay bleeding in the aftermath of the Battle of the Glade of Tears.[1a]


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