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"It was over two years ago when I developed the Amoeba House at the Imperial Zoo. It was a simple setup, really: a large, metal bowl, no cracks for the Amoebae to escape through. The top of the bowl had piping attached through which steam was passed. As Amoebae shy away from heat, it worked well. I had it created at the Emperor's order by the Imperial Engineers. It made one hell of a racket, but it kept them in... most of the time."
Wenzel Immelman, Zoo Keeper[2a]

Imperial Zoo.png

Located on the grounds of the Imperial Palace,[4] the Imperial Zoo in Altdorf is home to some of the most dangerous monsters of the Old World. This menagerie contains all manner of grotesque monstrosities, such as the Abomination of Stirland, the Drakwald Gibberbeast and many more. In addition to being one of the wonders of the Old World, the Imperial Zoo also has a practical function, stabling the Emperors' more dangerous and bizarre mounts.[1a] It was originally founded by Dieter IV.[5a]


Emperor Karl Franz has few serious eccentricities, but amongst his fervent passions is the Imperial Zoo, a vast complex of beast-pens and mosaic-covered caverns. Within its halls resides strange creatures that have been given as gifts from foreign potentates or hunted and captured from the hidden corners of the world. The gigantic menagerie within has always housed stables of pegasus and Hippogryphs for the elite of the knightly orders to ride to war, but its furthermost recesses are home to even larger and fiercer creatures. Over the course of his reign Karl Franz has acquired whole families of eagle-headed Griffons whose leonine bodies are borne aloft on powerful feathered pinions, sting-tailed Wyverns from the highest peaks, and even Chimeras. In its furthers recesses can be found the Imperial Dragon, an elder beast that lies brooding upon a mountain of golden Imperial heirlooms and the soot-blackened bones of incautious stewards.[3a]

The Imperial Zoo exists by the efforts of adventurers who capture monsters from the most dangerous corners of the Old World, hoping to be paid well.[5a]

Known Attractions

  • Pegasi (available for Empire officers).


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