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Warhammer Altdorf Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace of Altdorf is a massive, very elaborate building standing near the middle of the great city. The palace is home to both the infamous Reiksguard household guards, and the great Emperor Karl Franz himself. The Imperial palace is a vast building, easily the largest in the city. The Emperor’s court is always filled with nobility from across the Empire, and is a hotbed of political intrigue, social manoeuvring, and hedonistic frivolity.

Concerning Wizards

The palace, as the hub of Imperial activity, is remarkably tolerant of wizards. Many Imperial counsellors take advice from one or more Colleges in the running of the Empire. And wizards’ influence spreads to facets of Imperial rule far removed from where they might be most expected. The common people may not trust wizards, but those who rule them often do.[3a]

A particularly charismatic or diplomatic wizard might find himself appointed to palace duties, where he is expected to aid the Empire and further the ambitions of his College, equally. Many wizards of different stripes inevitably meet and clash within the palace’s marble halls. They wheedle for more influence while trying to put down their rivals.[3a]

Some nobles and advisors consider that the influence of the Colleges has gone too far. They do all they can to curb this, believing that such reliance is dangerous to the very survival of the Empire. After all, it continued well enough for two thousand years. The last two hundred years, when the Colleges have carved out their unique position in the Empire and the palace, has not exactly seen an improvement in the general state of affairs.[3a]


  • In Sword of Vengeance, the Imperial Palace is noted for having eleven banquet halls.[2a]


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