Ildebrand was a witch hunter, renowned and feared for executing anyone accused of consorting with the Ruinous Powers, proof or no proof. His trials were mockeries of justice. He came to Silberwurt in the Reikland, set up his court, and was promptly gifted with a flurry of accusations by the local villagers, who were all too eager to proclaim that the least popular and least powerful among them consorted with the Dark Gods.[1a]

The first accused was Bertha, an old woman who lived alone in a hovel at the edge of the village. Ildebrand thundered accusations at her, and her responses became incoherent from fear. He then rose in his chair to pronounce his verdict. "You're just a silly old woman, not a heretic," he said, to the surprise of all present, including himself. "Step down." He proceeded to acquit all the accused, and then bring cases against the accusers, one of whom was revealed to be a secret worshipper of Khaine, damned by items found hidden in his home. Ildebrand then accused himself of perverting justice, and hanged himself from a tree.[1a]

The temple of Verena on the site is built around the field and tree of the story, but some Witch Hunters still insist that the whole situation was the work of the Ruinous Powers.[1a]


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