The 'Eadhuntaz tribe contains many mobs of exceptionally brawny warriors, and they have never lost a battle. This would normally mean a rise rekrootin' and large territorial expansions, but the 'Eadhuntaz are hampered by a great millstone around their necks in the form of the stone Idol of Zak-Aloooog.[1a]

Long ago, when the tribe still resided in the Southlands, they had pitched their crude skin huts over the stone ruins of an ancient temple of the lizard-creatures. Wazwoompa, their Shaman, had just begun to use mighty green magics to reshape a vast block into a more pleasing shape when eldritch bolts arced from the stone and struck him. In his death throes, Wazwhoompa spoke, saying 'Da tribe must take dis idol to da Badlands'. Then, the old Shaman twitched and shuddered, gasping with his last breath... 'Zak Aloooog'. At least that's what they thought he said; there was an awful lot of twitching.[1a]

Being extremely superstitious, the tribe has ever since dragged the monumentally large stone with them as they make their slow journey northwards. Each night they make camp around it and, anyone who dares attack soon learns that the ominous rock is imbued with potent magics. The strange idol glows, granting the 'Eadhuntaz and their Shaman mysterious powers...[1a]


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