"Mutations of the frozen north enable them to freeze their unfortunate victims with their foul, icy breath."
The deadly Ice Trolls of Norsca.[1]
Wh dlc08 nor ice trolls

A Norscan Ice Troll.[1]

Ice Trolls are a form of Chaos mutated Troll, native to the frozen wastelands of Norsca.


Ice Trolls originate further north than their counterparts from Troll Country. All Trolls have indiscriminate appetites and unthinking ferocity, and the northern variety are no different. With their great strength and regenerative abilities, the warlike Northmen find uses for Trolls in battle, despite them having rather limited intelligence. Most varieties are able to spew acidic stomach bile over their victims to inflict a nasty death, but the Ice Trolls’ proximity to the Chaos Wastes has caused this ability to mutate into something else altogether. With a single exhalation of their icy breath, they can instantly freeze their foes in their tracks, usually just before gobbling them up in a crunch of icy flesh and bones.[1]


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