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Hunter of Sigmar

A knight of the Hunters of Sigmar (conversion).

The Hunters of Sigmar is a relatively new Knightly Order that dedicated themselves to hunting down and destroying pockets of Chaos resistance in the Drakwald Forest region. The Order was formed by Jerik Wildorn in the aftermath of the Storm of Chaos, mainly in response to the increased presence of Beastmen and other dark and dangerous things lurking in the deep forests of the Empire's northern reaches. Jerik is an expert woodsman and tracker, and these skills are emulated, honed, and perfected by the Order's Knights each and every day. They frequently provide escort services to coaches and merchant caravans travelling through the region. In addition to such duties, the Hunters of Sigmar go out of their way to track and eradicate evil where it lives within the woods. Their strategy revolves around the idea of striking at Chaos before it has time to gather and form a raiding army. By striking in a pre-emptive manner, lives are saved and small settlements spared the ravages of Chaos.[1]

The average Hunter of Sigmar often spends long periods of time living outdoors. As such, they have to provide their own sustenance and have little time to repair their equipment. They carry everything they might need into the field — you just never know how difficult a trail will be. Mud-spattered and odorous, Hunters are certainly not regarded as the most glamorous Knightly Order. In fact, when they gather together to form a skirmish group, they are often mistaken for a ragtag group of Freelance Knights.[1]

However, their relentless struggle against the forces of Chaos is more than welcome in these dark times. It is not uncommon for local peoples to offer shelter and food to these brave warriors of the Empire in a gesture of appreciation.[1]


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