All of Ranald’s followers believe the rich and proud deserve to be brought down a peg or two. The Humble Ones, a fanatical sect, believe they deserve to be brought down all the pegs, and then lowered into a pit full of farmyard waste.[1a][1b]

The Humble Ones typically work in small groups, with between three and six members. They choose a wealthy and prominent figure in a town, and plot to destroy his life. As followers of Ranald, they never use direct violence, preferring stealing, slander, swindles, and set-ups. In some cases, the target is finally executed for crimes he did not commit, but it is never a Humble One's hand on the haft of the axe.[1b]

Simply destroying someone’s property is rarely enough to utterly ruin them, as they have friends and contacts remaining. The Humble Ones instead work to ruin their reputation first, faking contact with prostitutes, gamblers, and Chaos cultists, or switching shipments of goods so it looks like they are trying to cheat their partners. They often disguise one of their number as the target, so that they can be seen engaging in dubious practises. The Humble Ones are willing to set up the appearance of almost anything to ruin their target.[1b]

The Cult of Ranald is not organised enough to officially condemn them, but most followers regard the Humble Ones as obsessive fanatics who get far too much pleasure out of someone else’s misery. A group that crossed the lines set by Ranald's strictures would be quickly eliminated by other cultists, but most Humble Ones are very careful to keep to the strictures. They do, after all, regard themselves as entirely orthodox followers of the Trickster God.[1b]


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