"A great big ship came in from Marienburg, low in the water and packed to the gunwales. I said that it would cost them a crown to take them through the Furdienst. Steep, yes, but it was a big ship. The arrogant Wastelander scoffed, said he'd do it himself. But sure enough, they drifted right into the shallows and were holed. They lost a good part of their cargo and it took them a week to repair the damage. Reckon it cost them a bit more than a crown."
Ilsa Dasche, Huffer[1a]


Huffers are guides specializing in a particularly treacherous section of river or marsh. Huffers are hired by river captains to guide their ships through these sections that would be dangerous without the guide's knowledge. Although the rates charged are exorbitant, they pale in comparison to the potential cost of lost cargo and damage to the vessel.[1a]

A few huffers do not specialize in a specific location, but instead have general knowledge about a wide variety of waterway conditions. These huffers are hired by merchant ships for an entire journey, essentially acting as navigators of the riverways, and sometimes even embark with explorers on journeys of discovery.[1a]


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