Huatl, the City of Reawakening is a rare example of a Temple-City that is in the process of being refounded, having stood ruined and nigh-empty for millennia. Three decades ago, a delegation of Mage-Priests from the nearby City of Mists agreed that the furtherance of the Great Plan required that Huati be reawakened, and set out at the head of a mighty column of Skink artisans and Kroxigor workers to do so. To date, the city's reconstruction is at an early stage, yet the Great Temple has been rebuilt, and its Star Chamber now houses a Mage-Priest for the first time in an age. The jungle resonates to the sound of Skink artisans carving intricate stone reliefs. The ground trembles as huge stone blocks, borne upon the backs of Kroxigors, are dropped into place with incongruous precision.[1a]


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