Huanchi "The Jaguar God" is the Predator god, whose symbol is the stealthy Jaguar. The servants of this Old One exhibit prodigious skills of hunting and stalking and are able to effortlessly move through the densest areas of the jungle.[1a][2a]

Scarce references exist to the servants of Huanchi and this is hardly surprising considering that these Lizardmen are known for their secrecy. But one tale may relate to a sacred spawning of the god and it concerns a conflict between the Lizardmen and the Dark Elves.[2a]

The Raid by Hag Graef

Around a century ago, a Dark Elf raiding force from Hag Graef infiltrated the Forests of the Viper, looking for a monument referred to as the Blood Pyramid. The Witch Elves entered the vaults beneath the pyramid, stole the Dawnstone that had been housed there for millennia and performed a number of blasphemous blood-rites before withdrawing towards the mountain-range known as the Grey Guardians.[2a]

It would appear, however, that a Lizardmen force was dispatched from Hexoatl to intercept the Druchii and recover the Dawnstone, a precious artefact that is the bane of all Daemons. The Dark Elves are known for their own skills at stealth and infiltration, yet these Lizardmen were able to track them. The raiders were unaware of the pursuit and made their way down from the Grey Guardians to travel north up the Ashen Coast.[2a]

Few maps exist of the land of Naggaroth and so scholars can only speculate as to the nature of such places as the Ironsand Desert, Tyrant Peak, and Kraken Lake. The raiders passed through these areas, with their pursuers gaining on them all the while.[2a]

At the Shores of the Witch Sea the raiders paused to perform their sanguinary rites once more, the Witch Elves dedicating their blood-slicked bodies to their blasphemous deity while the servants of the Jaguar God stalked them in the dark. At the height of the ceremony, the Lizardmen struck, catching the Dark Elves off guard, slaughtering them a large number of them before the remainder escaped into the night, So started a pursuit that lasted many weeks. The Dark Elves sought to evade the pursuers through the Blackspine Mountains, passing through the portal referred to as the Sewer Gate. But the Saurus tracked the Dark Elves even through the darkest places beneath the earth and the Lizardmen caught up with them at the Pits of Zardok. The Dark Elves had no choice but to fight, They were slaughtered to an Elf and their bodies hurled into the dark pits of Zardok. The Dark Elves had met their match in cunning and no more raids would be launched from Hag Graef for many decades to come.[2a]



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