Huanabic Map

The ruins of Huanabic are buried beneath rampant vegetation so that even the mountainous pyramid-temples are indistinguishable from the surrounding jungle. What was once a thriving plaza is now a blackened crater blasted miles wide. It was here that Lord Blotlbova, a Slann Mage-Priest of the First Generation, came to a bitter end. His city besieged by Daemons, the great Blotlbova wove his mightiest of spells, unleashing lightning strikes, firestorms, rippling holes to other dimensions and, at last, transforming himself into a pillar of purest energy that stretched upwards to the stars themselves, obliterating all around in an apocalyptic flash.[1a]

The enemy was destroyed, but so too was Blotlbova and his city. Everything close to the epicentre was evaporated, and even distant buildings were toppled to ruin. Many thousands of years since the Great Catastrophe, a single speck of scintillating energy still hovers in the air above the crater, a miniature sun that is blinding to gaze upon.[1a]

The Skinks, skittish and superstitious, will not approach the tiny, but radiant, orb. They believe it to be the still-angry spirit of Lord Blotlbova. They point to the jungle plants, thick and invasive, that have covered everything amidst the tumbledown blocks and shifted flagstone avenues that are the remains of Huanabic, save for one area alone. Nothing grows near the blazing light, which the Lizardmen call the Daystar. To this day, the crater is still barren, its blasted earth as empty as it has been since that last fateful incantation.[1a]


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