Hrothgar Dämonenaxt

Hrothgar as a mortal Chaos Lord.[1]

Hrothgar Daemonaxe was the fearsome ruler of the Norscan Varg tribe.


In ancient times, Hrothgar led the Vargs out from the East to settle the northern tundras of Norsca, destroying and enslaving weaker tribes of Norse and Kurgan along the way. Bearing a great daemonic battleaxe forged in the visage of a howling wolf, Hrothgar's favour from Arkhar the Wolf (the Varg name for Khorne) was clear. He soon gained a reputation for being virtually invincible in combat.[1]

Hrothgar was said to have ruled over the Vargs for over a hundred and twenty years, before travelling into the Chaos Wastes and ascending to Daemonhood. To this day, Hrothgar Daemonaxe is venerated by all Vargs as a lesser deity of Chaos, and is believed to stand at the right hand of Khorne where he sternly judges the exploits of his people...[1]


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