"The Sentinels are in sight - we have made good speed. That, unfortunately, is the only piece of good news relating to the current leg of our journey. Early this morning we emerged from the hills and valleys into the flat, desolate landscape known as the Howling Waste..."
Reuben Kyte, Explorer and eventual Firemaster of the Angry Fist Tribe[1a]
Warhammer Howling Wastes

Map of the Howling Wastes

The Howling Waste is a harsh land forever plagued by a thin, devil-spawned wind that whips across the blighted landscape and pulls at ones clothes and hair like the grasping fingers of mean-spirited children. Upon the wind are carried voices, horrible voices that whenever the wind picks up rise into a wailing clamour like the protests of the damned. Since the disastrous test of the Hammer of Hashut, the Howling Wastes also serve as a testing area for the Chaos Dwarf Death Rockets, due to its distance from Chaos Dwarf settlements. These desolate plains are plagued by near-constant gale force winds that shriek and scream across the blasted heath.[1a]


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