Several waterways from the eastern edge of the Border Princes feed into the Black Gulf, including the River Stacnek, Skull River, Howling River, and the Blood River. Blood River is the southernmost, and its waters form the boundary between the Border Princes and the Badlands. The Howling River lies only slightly above it, and its three branches trickle down from the Worlds Edge Mountains, flowing out of the peaks on either side of Mad Dog Pass.[1a]

The Howling River's water comes from an underground river deep beneath the mountains, the water pouring from narrow cracks all along the western face and collecting in deep channels in the rock before reaching the land below. The water is ice-cold and has the metallic tang of minerals, though prospectors sieving it have yet to find stones or gems large enough or valuable enough to keep.[1a]

The Howling River gets its name from the sound it makes as it bursts from the mountains and strikes the ground below. It is not the normal rush of a fast river but is higher, sharper, more like the howl of a wolf or wild dog.[1a]

Few creatures live in the Howling River. It has a swift, dangerous current, far too strong for most aquatic creatures, and most of the gaps in the mountain are not large enough for cavefish and other underground creatures to pass through. Occasionally, one of the odd, blind, stark-white fish somehow escapes and flounders along the river, but most do not survive impact against the rocks below, and their bodies float to the surface, their white scales catching the sun as the water carries them swiftly away. Experienced sailors can pilot small, swift boats down the Howling River, using it as a fast way to get from the base of the mountains to the Varenka Hills, but most know better than to risk it—the current is too fast and the river too narrow for anything but a small craft, and one wrong move would slam craft and pilot against sharp rocks at speeds high enough to easily shatter bone and wood.[1a]


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