House van Scheldt has its headquarters in a fortified compound at the eastern, newer end of Suiddock, its opulence made more striking by the slums that surround it.[1a]

House van Scheldt makes its money from fishing. Many of the city's fishermen owe the House money, and others have become employees after having their boats foreclosed for failure to pay their debts. They are obligated to sell their catches at below market price to van Scheldt packing houses, where the fish are either salted and cured for export to the Empire and Kislev, or ground and blended into liquamen, a sauce that has become popular in Tilean and Estalian cuisine.[1a]

Wessel has no heirs or close family, though there has been talk that he will adopt the one man whom he apparently trusts, his chief clerk Rudolph Blaak, and name him heir. The House is allied with van de Kuypers, Raemerswijk, den Euwe and Rothemuur, but Wessel's suspicions have distanced him from all the Directors, and the House's influence is declining. The House van Scheldt's crest is a boar's head over a barrel on a green background.[1a]


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