Not to be confused with Morgiana le Fay.

Warhammer Saphery

Hothar the Fey is an Archmage of Saphery, famous for his palatial castle in the sky. He is also a friend of Mitherion Silverfawn.[1a]

Hothar's Castle

Built atop an island of pink stone, Hothar's palatial mansion is considered eccentric, but not the strangest dwelling in Saphery (that would belong to Ulvenian Minaith). Even so, the great castle of glass and stone is easily twice as large as the villa of Ellyr-Charoi, though it is guessed that without the constraints of natural topography, the castle could be as large as Hothar's magical power can support. Sunlight sparkles upon speartips and helmets as guardsmen wander walls, occasionally leaning over the parapet to wave with an ordinariness found jarring by those who've never witnessed the castle before.[1a]


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