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An outcast priest of Vaul, Hotek was the jealous disciple of Caledor Dragontamer,[2a] and secretly forged weapons for the legions of Nagarythe during the Elven Civil War, using the magical Hammer of Vaul, which Caledor had used to make weapons for Aenarion. When he was discovered, Hotek fled and sought sanctuary within Nagarythe. Aided by renegade sorcerers, Hotek used the Hammer of Vaul to construct a suit of armour for the crippled Malekith; although his body had been all but broken, the prince of Nagarythe had clung to life. Bitterness and anger had fuelled Malekith's will, sustaining him through the long years of agony that he had endured. The burning would never stop, and so Hotek fused his newly forged armour directly to Malekith's body, Malekith having ordered him to do so despite the agony that almost crippled him with every blow.[2a] Clad in a rune-etched skin of black steel, Malekith could once again lead his armies.[1a]

Renegade and turncoat though he was, Hotek was no fool. He knew that he lived only at Malekith's fickle pleasure, and so created for himself an armoury of defenses--both magical and mundane--with which he hoped to blunt the Witch King's wrath long enough to escape. Ultimately, Hotek did not perish at Malekith's hand, but was poisoned at Morathi's order. His armoury was broken up soon after, the scattered pieces changing hands with the ebb and flow of patronage and power.[1b]


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