Warhammer Horned One

A Skink Chief riding a Horned One.

The Horned Ones are an extremely rare, virtually extinct and preternaturally swift subspecies of Cold One, spawned in the same pool and at the same time as those who will ride them into battle. They are native to the Southlands and Lustria.


The Horned Ones are very aggressive and territorial, and will tackle virtually any other monster, regardless of its size. The Horned Ones are naturally adapted for fighting duels and have large horns and spiny crests growing out of their heads.[1a]

Unlike other Cold Ones, Horned Ones are not easily manipulated to change their targets, as they are always enraged by the smell of other creatures invading their territory. A Horned One therefore behaves like a Cold One which has already tasted blood and is eager to fight. The bellowing of the Horned One infects other Cold Ones with the same aggression, steeling them against manipulation as well.[1b]



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