"Much rarer than other Cold Ones, these virtually-extinct Lustrian warriors fight with preternatural swiftness that belies their size."
Horned One Riders[1]
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The Horned Ones are an extremely rare, virtually extinct and preternaturally swift subspecies of Cold One, existing only in Lustria.[1a] Like their minor cousins, Horned Ones may be ridden into battle by the Lizardmen, although like the Horned Ones themselves, they are a rare sight.[2a]


Horned-Ones can only be found within the deepest and unattainable parts of Lustria, where they roam and hunt freely. They are even more dangerous than the Cold-Ones, their more-commons cousins that can be found even in the Southlands. They breed in the darkest and deepest caves and defend their territory until death - seldom their own. The Horned-Ones are as rare as they are prized and only those who are worthy can ride them into battle. It is believed that only those who have been blessed by Itzl - one Of the Old Ones, Gods of the Lizardmen - are able to ride those beasts into battle. Such Saurus often carry massive horned shields upon their heads, marking them as the chosen of Itzl.[1]

Very few Lizardmen are able to ride a rare Horned One, and only then a beast that has been reared with great care from hatching. It is said that to master such a beast, a warrior must be blessed in the sight of the Old One Itzl. Such warriors are extremely rare and are often spawned alone. Truly, these riders are great warriors, fated to perform mighty deeds in the holy name of the Lizardmen god of beasts.[2a]

Lore Conflict

  • Certain editions of the armybook states that Horned Ones are found exclusively within the Southlands.



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