The Hooded Blade is a Faceless known and feared throughout the forests of Bretonnia. Many say he is not human at all, but some sort of dread wraith, a powerful spirit charged with a fearsome task and unable to rest until it has been discharged. Those who have seen the Hooded Blade are usually too terrified to describe him or even to speak of the encounter except in quick whispers. What is known, however, is that the Hooded Blade is tall and thin, and shrouded in a long, deep crimson cloak with a hood that completely conceals his features – some claim his eyes glow within the hood's depths, but others say they have seen no such supernatural mark. The Hooded Blade wields a hand-and-a-half sword, gleaming, and unadorned. Supposedly he does not use a scabbard, drawing the sword from his cloak whenever he needs it, even if such a long weapon could not be concealed beneath the garment. The Hooded Blade has a small, dedicated band of followers, and their victims are always corrupt lords who mistreat their slaves, servants, and serfs. No one knows what the Hooded Blade does with the money he steals from such men, though rumours claim many villages have found abandoned wagons full of food and other goods sitting in the town square at dawn.[1a]


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