Hoeth High Elf Symbol

High Elf Symbol of Hoeth

Hoeth is the God of Knowledge, Learning and Wisdom, and is the patron of Elven wizards and scholars. Hoeth is prayed to when an Elf faces a difficult quandary or confusing problem, for his wisdom can help see the truth of the matter. Elven wizards also pray to Hoeth when preparing for a powerful magical ritual.

As the Lord of Wisdom, Hoeth is the embodiment of erudition, and patron of all who search for greater understanding; the Elves believe it was he who gifted their race with much of the knowledge they now take for granted. Opinion is divided on precisely why Hoeth did so. Most Elves believe Hoeth's actions were founded in generosity, but some mutter darkly of how knowledge leads to progress, and progress inevitably leads to the ruin of tradition. Whatever the motivation, legend tells that when Asuryan learned of Hoeth's actions, he rebuked the Lord of Wisdom, and in punishment, set much of Hoeth's great library ablaze.


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